Association for fostering partnership
and the development of civil society

Goals and tasks


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Social prosperity

  • Encourage and strengthen partnership and development of sectoral cooperation.
  • Encourage and strengthen democracy and human rights.
  • Encourage and strengthen youth protection policy.
  • Encouraging the networking of organizations in the civil society.
  • Encourage and strengthen the awareness and increase the public influence of civil society organizations.
  • Encouraging and strengthening the development of local communities.

Raising public awareness

  • Increasing employment in civil society organizations, the business environment and the development of social entrepreneurship.
  • Build capacity of civil society.
  • Encouraging active participation of citizens in the development of local communities and the environment in general.
  • Encouraging and strengthening lifelong learning.

Protection for our living environment

  • Protecting the environment
  • Protection and welfare of animals

Family values

  • Supporting and strengthening the family values, as well as the correct and quality evaluation and practice of the Family Law with its basic principles. Relationships in marriage and family, certain forms of special protection of the family, disturbed relations and violence in marriage and family, adoption, guardianship, sustenance.
  • Working with single parents, education, helping them in accordance with the program of the Association.
  • Gender equality.

Religions and education

  • Promoting dialogue and mutual understanding among people of different nationalities, ethnicities, religions, cultures and civilizations.
  • Organizing humanitarian actions, concerts, campaigns and all other humanitarian activities.
  • Protecting the environment and participating in the support and development of sustainable development.
  • Education, understood as a lifelong learning process, using today’s modern information and communication technology.